The Doglando Foundation Presents
The 5th Annual Doglympics USA
February 15th 2014
Avalon Park, Orlando


Event starts at 10AM and it ends at 4PM

Vendors & Non-Profits: Please have digital copies of your documentation (501c3, insurance, etc.)
ready to upload with this form. These documents are required in order to process your application.
Documentation files are accepted in several formats: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, gif, etc.

If you have any questions about this form, please contact Ann Kershner at 321.299.8270

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I/We * release all sponsors, co-sponsors, clubs, organizations or individuals involved in DOGLANDO FOUNDATION, ALL OF ITS PARTNERS AND AFFILIATES AND DOGLYMPICS from any liability, product or personal, for the duration of the event. I have enclosed my non-refundable booth fee (Vendors only). I have read the rules and I agree to abide by them. I understand that failure to comply with the rules set forth may result in termination of this contract with-out recourse by the participant. DOGLANDO FOUNDATION, ALL OF its PARTNERS AND AFFILIATES AND DOGLYMPICS shall not be liable to anyone for this action. Sponsors/Vendor/Exhibitors shall indemnify, defend and hold DOGLANDO FOUNDATION, ALL OF IT'S PARTNERS AND AFFILIATES AND DOGLYMPICS harmless against any and all claims for liability of any nature against DOGLANDO FOUNDATION, ALL OF IT'S PARTNERS AND AFFILIATES AND DOGLYMPICS, their directors, members and volunteers arising out of your acts.

I/We have read and understand the Rules and Regulations for Vendors and Sponsors (below).

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  RULES AND REGULATIONS for All Booth Holders (Vendors and Sponsors):
Booth Size: will be 10 X 10 (Unless prior permission is granted for more space).
Booth Placement: will be at the sole discretion of DOGLANDO FOUNDATION, ALL OF ITS AFFILIATES AND PARTNERS and DOGLYMPICS
Set-Up: Exhibitors will be responsible for all booths structures, set-up and furnishings; e.g. extension cords, signage, drapes, etc. Electricity will not be provided and if you are intending to bring your own generator you must notify
Doglympics at the time of your application. Use only 20 amp/120 volt electricity. Booths utilizing electricity will need fire extinguishers to be provided by the vendor. Set up must be completed by 9:30 am on Saturday February 15th, 2014.
ALL VEHICLES must be out of the DOGLYMPIC area one hour prior to start of the event. Booths must be open.
Parking will be available however no vehicles will be permitted on the sidewalks during loading and unloading by the start time of the event and shall remain open until the event closes. Booths will NOT be allow ed to close early without prior permission.
Tear-Down: Tear down will be between 4 pm and 5 pm . Participants are responsible for dismantling their booths and cleaning space before leaving.
Facilities: Restroom facilities will be available.
Security: There will be limited security overnight. Participants are responsible for the security of their goods. The DOGLANDO FOUNDATION, ALL ITS AFFILIATES AND PARTNERS and DOGLYMPICS accept no responsibility for stolen or damaged property, accidents or injury.
First Aid will be available on site.
Liability: No participant will be allowed to set up without a signed and dated application and release of liability. The committee reserves the right to revoke or refuse to grant space at any time, without recourse by the participant. DOGLANDO FOUNDATION, ALL OF ITS PARTNERS AND AFFILIATES and DOGLYMPICS shall not be liable to anyone for this action. All vendors with dogs in their booth/promotion need to submit proof of liability insurance.
Religious/Political Information: Booth space will not be granted to those wishing to express religious, moral or political opinions. Display of information of that nature will result in expulsion from the event without recourse or refund.
Equipment: All equipment required to operate booths, displays, special attractions and advertising paraphernalia unless otherwise agreed with the event organizers, will be provided by the vendors and sponsors.
Refunds: No fees shall be refunded—inclement weather will not be grounds for refunds.
Music: "Boom" boxes or recorded music is not allowed in booth areas.
Exclusive Rights: Exclusive rights for the sales of any item will not be granted to vendors.
Alcohol: Alcohol (including beer, wine and spirits) may NOT be served. (Except for previously approved and exclusive alcohol beverage vendors)
Photos: DOGLANDO FOUNDATION, ALL OF ITS PARTNERS AND AFFILIATES and DOGLYMPICS have exclusive rights to take and sell photographs during the event. Other personal pet photos memorabilia vendors will be allowed upon application and approval.
Roaming and Selling: Roaming vendors will NOT be allowed, unless otherwise approved. Sales and activities are limited to assigned booth space only.
Vendors will not duplicate giveaways or activities that are reserved for the speciality sponsorshops.

I have read the Rules & Regulations,
and I agree :

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